to evoke:

the skill or ability to summon or manifest emotion through artistry that arouses vivid memories and sensations of a person, place, or time.

Photography & Cinema 

 An organic and intimate combination of fine art photography, cinema and story telling that  captures your most precious moments to create a legacy of love that endures. 

Serving Florida, The Gulf Coast, Tennessee, and destinations world wide.







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In order for us to capture you as naturally and honestly as possible we need to get to know you, but you also need to know us. We want you to feel comfortable with us, like old friends, familiar and well worn. We want you to feel confident investing in Mco. 

You know that feeling when you catch a familiar scent and for a moment you've gone back in time? That's what we do. We not only create beautiful imagery, we preserve your milestones with a stylistic narrative that takes you back. 

Intimate, seamless & all-inclusive. We provide a boutique experience that starts the very day we meet. We work with you to design your locations, style your shoots, and to create heirloom albums and in home displays that last. We believe each story deserves our full artistic attention from start to finish.

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the skill or ability to summon or manifest emotion through artistry that arouses vivid memories and sensations of a person, place, or time.

to evoke:

                                                                 our love for story telling has a long and eclectic past. Some photographers always knew they would be photographers. We simply knew God placed a fire in our hearts to tell stories. Over the years our mediums for telling those stories has ebbed and flowed as we've grown as individuals and as a family to become The Mannix Co. We share a passion for literature and film, and harbor a deep love for nature. We're suckers for a home cooked meal, a perfectly paired outfit, a cozy space, and any reason we can find to gather our loved ones & celebrate  

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as a wise science guy once said
"everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don't." 
-calling all creatives- 
if you wanna know what we know... well, we wanna teach you!
we wanna meet you. Let's hang out, lets light some fires, lets create something! 

lets do lunch.
no seriously,
every tiny detail in every shot you see is custom tailored to each individual client. From your shoot style, to locations, to wedding day of, to in-home design and display we at prides ourselves on bringing a personalized experience that visually defines your love like no other.  Ready to schedule a complimentary design consultation?

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