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Ashley & Chris’s stormy adventure shoot

Two things come to mind when I think of Ashley and Chris’s stormy adventure shoot. 1.This is one of the best shoots we’ve ever done. 2.It didn’t start or end very well. Some of the most solid advice I can give to Photographers and couples planning a sunrise shoot is to NOT have a dance party/birthday […]

June 12, 2018

Adventures, Engagements, Family, Personal

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Diana & Rob’s Smoky Mountain Engagment

The sky was still the cold blue of early morning when our phones started buzzing, two different tones easily heard through thin cabin walls. Outside the frosted windows smoked hung on the mountain tops hiding the flaming October leaves. If you’ve never experienced dawn in the Smoky Mountains, add it to your list! I checked our camera battery […]

March 22, 2018


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6 tips for a crazy romantic water shoot

Like any creative industry involving style, photography has trends, and if there’s any kind of shoot we’re seeing really start to make a splash (see what we did there?) in the romance arena it’s a water shoot, and for good reason! Water shoots have become a bit of an obsession for us and certainly a staple […]

February 21, 2018

Education, Engagements

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Dajana & Max: Beaches and Islands engagement pt 2

Private. Island. Photoshoot. If this doesn’t impress you then you’re cooler than me. When we started brainstorming an island shoot we knew we wanted to get these two in the water! Like the all the way swimming kind of in the water. Like most things creatively, Dajana was instantly on the same page and she practically […]

December 22, 2017


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Dajana & Max: Forest and Fields Engagement pt.1

I’ve known Dajana since high school. While I can’t recall the exact first time we met, my clearest first memory of her was her laugh. I remember her shouting down the alleyway between the gym and the wrestling room to me about a pair of heels I was wobbling to class in. I’d never worn heels […]

December 20, 2017


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