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December 22, 2017

Dajana & Max: Beaches and Islands engagement pt 2

Private. Island. Photoshoot. If this doesn’t impress you then you’re cooler than me.

When we started brainstorming an island shoot we knew we wanted to get these two in the water! Like the all the way swimming kind of in the water.¬†Like most things creatively, Dajana was instantly on the same page and she practically finished my sentence. We settled on a small island called Three Rooker off the coast of north county. I was equal parts nervous and excited about this shoot because I really wanted to do this scene and this couple justice. It’s about a 45-minute drive north to the park where Dajana and Max were picking me up on their boat. I took the slower route because the roads are smaller, and once you pass Dunedin they wind through water and trees in an almost rhythmic fashion.

The sun was lower in the sky than I’d planned and the water was a little choppier and darker than I’d hoped but the sky was clear and its contrast against the steely peaks of the waves made it look painted in place. It was one of those summer afternoons where the light got dusty and it felt like you were looking at the world through a filter that made everything appear softer.

Dajana and Max played in the water like a couple of kids, caught between moments of laughter and moments of intimacy. Meanwhile, I was caught between moments of thinking “Is this seriously my job?” and “WTF just brushed my leg?”

As if Max could be any more of a calming presence I distinctly remember the feeling of listening to him describe how much he loves being on the water. It’s no secret that I’m a girl who openly prefers the mountains, but watching the ocean change back and forth between varying shades of emerald and navy blue beneath the setting sun made it easy to see his point.

When dusk finally fell we popped a bottle of champagne and headed back to land under the stars, and I seriously considered getting a boat to ferry all of our clients out to that little island.

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