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Dajana & Max: Forest and Fields Engagement pt.1

Dec 20, 2017

I’ve known Dajana since high school. While I can’t recall the exact first time we met, my clearest first memory of her was her laugh. I remember her shouting down the alleyway between the gym and the wrestling room to me about a pair of heels I was wobbling to class in. I’d never worn heels much before that day, let alone to school and it must have shown. She laughed loudly and said, “Girllll are you CRAZY?” It seems silly to me that I remember this interaction so clearly. I imagine it was no more or less special than any other conversation from that day except for the noise of her laugh. She has the kind of laugh that just elicits a reaction. and it went with the rest of her. She was one of those people who just glowed as they walked down the hall. If you didn’t know Dajana you probably knew of her, or at least you knew her laugh.

My iPhone broke the early morning silence with the classic Harry Potter score at 4:45am that morning. If you’re wondering if the HP score is really all that much more pleasant of a wake up than your average mock alarm tone, I assure you it is! Initially, I went for the snooze until my groggy brain reminded me why I was getting up in the middle of the night, and that’s probably the fastest I’ve ever jumped out of bed. My excitement was a solid kid at Disney World level. This was one of those rare shoots that was a perfect storm of their style mixed with my vision, a few Pinterest boards, multiple nights of collaborative styling and one very unique location.

What was so special about the location? I mean besides the obvious visual splendor it was completely private and completely covetable property. If you are familiar with coastal Florida then you know scenes like this are hard to come by! Insert Max. Husbands and fiance’s every, take note. While scouting locations we’d driven by this spot a couple times. Each time Dajana mentioned how beautiful it was. After lunch heading home we passed it for a final time and Max hit a U-turn, pulled right up in the driveway, knocked on a total strangers door, and introduced himself. He explained he’d just asked this beautiful girl who loved their property to marry him and wondered if we could do some engagement photos there…. tomorrow….. at sunrise, no big deal. And wouldn’t you know, because this is how fairytales workout, they couldn’t have been happier to oblige. This family was the picture of old-school southern hospitality. They offered us cookies, explained where to park, how to get in past the fence, and even told me I was welcome to come back with other couples for more shoots!

Now come on people, whose Fiance secures a private property photo shoot for them? This man is a walking country song. What Dajana brings with her boisterous energy and passion he balances with a kind of quiet gentlemanly calm that makes him seem well beyond his years. These two are #goals. And because they are my spirit animals, this is only part one of their shoot!

What can I say? We’re multiple locations kind of people……






  1. Flawia

    March 20th, 2019 at 11:43 am

    I could not resist commenting. Well written!

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