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Diana & Rob’s Smoky Mountain Engagment

Mar 22, 2018

The sky was still the cold blue of early morning when our phones started buzzing, two different tones easily heard through thin cabin walls. Outside the frosted windows smoked hung on the mountain tops hiding the flaming October leaves. If you’ve never experienced dawn in the Smoky Mountains, add it to your list! I checked our camera battery and layered up like the kind of girl who misses winter and loves a good cable knit. I was a little nervous on my timing because I’m unfamiliar with the mountain sun and I’m realizing we probably should have gotten up earlier but the air was chilly and the bed was warm and I could still smell the kindling from last nights fire. Now I was frantically pushing my husband, sister in law and soon to be brother in law out the door because mountain roads are beautiful and slow and Cades Cove was at least a forty minute drive, and that’s if we didn’t get hit traffic in the national park because someone spotted a bear. Naturally, someone spotted a bear. We got to our destination almost an hour later than planned our breath still visible in the morning air.  We hiked to the John Oliver and explored to a 200-year-old house with a stone fireplace with other declarations of love carved into the walls surrounding us. We found a fiery little glen a few feet off the trail on the way back. Diana and Rob laughed and danced and balanced on fallen trees. They have such a natural and calm love about them. They fell in love quickly but they feel as rooted as forest surrounding them. By the afternoon the sun had warmed the air but the tree’s still filtered in soft golden light that bounced off the leaves. I realized that in the woods Magic hour… is ALL day….. If I said I didn’t envy you Tennessee Photographers I’d be lying. We sat in fields with expansive views, waded into intimate pine groves, picked wildflowers and tried to get some wild turkeys in the frame but they weren’t having it. It wasn’t the kind of shoot that we timed. We weren’t in a hurry to get home, We spent half a day with two people in love and it felt like an adventure and if we could, we’d do all our shoots this way.

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