I will answer your texts in the middle of the night. I will help navigate your planning disasters. I will bustle your dress when everyone else forgets how. I will hold your hand when you're nervous. I will remember your lipstick, and tell you stupid jokes, and keep your glass full and your mascara flawless. I will keep your family calm, your bridal party laughing, and the Instagram stories of your day will basically be a mini wedding video. I learned very quickly in my career that no one captures you more intimately or beautifully than someone who loves you, and I will love you. 

I learned pretty quickly in my career that I wasn't going to be a typical wedding photographer. I'm not really the show up, take pictures, and leave type. I don't know if it's just my personality, or the type of couples that I attract, or a combo of both... but I am basically your new BFF. I don't care how long we spend talking and I don't limit hours on meetings, shoots, or wedding days. I will absolutely go shopping with you. Yes, I want to see your floral plans, your bridesmaids dresses, and your table settings. Yes, I can help you pick the venue with the best lighting. Yes, I will come to your dress fitting, your bridal shower, and your bachelorette party.....


the wedding day bestie you never knew you needed

Does anyone on the planet like writing Bio's?
Every time I sit down to do one of these I try and think of all the really impressive shit I've done, I remind myself I cant cuss, I sum myself up neatly and politely, and then I cringe at how fake it feels.

So this time I decided to go with slightly comical honesty.

I've done almost nothing the way one should.
I was raised by a single mother and an amazing grandmother in both a small town outside Kansas City Missouri and then a sprawling beach city on the gulf coast of Tampa Bay. I clawed my way out of high school winning honors for the worst case of "senioritis".
I didn't graduate with any amount of notability from a fancy university. In fact out of the five types of colleges I went to,
I quit three and finished two. Both in the arts. I suppose that should have been telling. 

I didn't save money, build my credit score, major in business, stay out of debt, or think about my future. I traveled the country.
I went from Florida to California to Philadelphia and back... twice... and I took A LOT of pictures. At some point I felt like I needed to get serious so I dove into corporate America. I spent seven years in advertising profiling clients for social media marketing campaigns for everything from small business's to national franchises, fortune 500 companies and major league sports teams. That parts kind of impressive right? In the end it wasn't for me BUT I learned something very valuable about myself during that time:
I may not have ever been motivated by grades or accolades, but I am motivated by an indescribable love for people.
I have TRULY cared for three things in my life; storytelling, style, and love. All genuine human connection is based in our ability to love. Is that not the most magical thing you've ever heard?! I spent years studying fashion, composition, color theory, lighting, movement, textiles, skin tones, hair textures, makeup, styling, story telling, and the general nature and motivations of people with no real direction until the day I photographed my first wedding and it all made sense.

meet Alli

i love hard.

whether im capturing yours or writing my own, or just making IG stories, i live for it. the more magic and romance the better.


one day my grandmother told me "only boring people get bored alexandra"... and ive never been bored since. 

words to live by

water. Seriously. I am a water connosouir. Sparkling, flat, flavored, mineral....im in the business of interesting water.

I love

i collect seashells. like i check tides,I wait for storms, i have a little net, and i hunt those bad boys down.

in my free time

predicting every plot move and character bio in every tv show and movie... ever. my friends hate watching tv with me.... 

my super power

Too often travel, instead of broadening the mind, merely lengthens the conversation.

Iceland  // 11-17
London// 25-27
Scotland// 28-1


Bozeman & YellowStone // 20-23


St. Augustine  // 9-11


Knoxville // 2-6
Annapolis & Baltimore & DC // 17-21


Boston & New Hampshire // 6-9
Nashville & St.Louis // 13-16
Hudson Valley // 26-30
Annapolis // 22-25