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We are the wedding professional you spend the MOST time with and the only thing you keep with you after the celebration ends. We consider that an incredible honor and each individual client we've had the privilege of working with holds a special place in our hearts. We can't wait to welcome you to the MCO family, to guide you through your engagement season, and to create utterly unique memories of your love!

we are so thrilled you're here

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Are you dreaming of an intimate destination wedding? Our travel schedule is always evolving as we add new destination couples to our calendar. If you dont already see your location or date here, let's add it!!!  

our current travel schedule

Boston & New Hampshire 17-21

Annapolis & DC 25-28

Savannah 15-18
annapolis & dc 22-25 

Maine 10-15


Boston & New Hampshire


Are we in love with the same place? We're waiving all travel fee's for the places we'd like to spend more time when you book in 2024:
Any state in New England
New York
The United Kingdom

Wedding Photography is SO much more than pretty pictures.
A lot of people can take a beautiful photo, but it takes a seasoned professional to tell you:
  • what method quickly gets stains out of charmeuse, chiffon, crepe, jersey, lace, mikado, organza, satin, shantung, silk, taffeta, and tulle
  • how to confidently pose every body type
  • how to identify your photo personality as a couple in under thirty seconds
  • how to consistently and seamlessly pivot a timeline without you ever noticing
  • how to handle blended families, day of emergencies, vendor mistakes, intoxicated guests, AND unpredictable weather because we've done it all.

for the insider resources you didn't know you needed, duh.

why invest with mco?

When you invest in a true professional you get someone who will invest their years of proven experience, their creativity, and their hard earned problem solving skills back into you. OH... and when that professional is US you also get these 3 guides that took us ten years and 150+ weddings to make. 

How To Plan:
The ultimate start to finish companion handbook to wedding planning from your favorite wedding photographers.

How To Pose: A comprehensive visual guide to movement and lines for couples, to ensure an editorial and romantic gallery for portraits, engagements, and weddings.

How To Close: The bible of last minute details to remember, and pitfalls to avoid, from an industry insider to welcome your wedding day with calm and class.

honestly, what a steal.